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HAIR LOGIC CURLY MOTION HairLogic presents its new Curly Motion range, a specific line for curlers that will help keep any type of curl, wave, loop or corkscrew healthy so that it looks full of movement and shine.


CURLY MOTION's Energy Complex® technologies treat, hydrate and moisturize wavy and curly hair in a balanced way according to the needs of the hair fiber, providing vitality and elasticity to waves or curls.


CO-WASH contains an Energy AS-T Complex technology formulated with Avena Sativa extract, Tapioca starch and vegetable glycerin. It can be used both to gently wash the scalp or to condition and moisturize curly hair in a balanced way after shampooing. Rinse treatment.


SIZE:  250ML

HAIRSSIME Curly Motion Co-Wash Balancing System

SKU: 7798333840945
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    For washing, apply to damp hair, massage only the scalp and rinse. Repeat the procedure at least one more time. 

    As a conditioner:

    After washing  the  hair  with the  Curly Motion Shampoo   ,  apply a sufficient amount  of conditioner to the  mid  -lengths and ends.   

    Massage evenly distributing  the  product  until untangling.   

    Emulsify  and  rinse  abundantly. 

    This  product is  not   formulated for use in children.

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