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POWDER-FREE DISPOSABLE GLOVES: These gloves are made from heavy-duty natural latex rubber and are powder-free.

High Durability and Tactile Sensitivity At 6.3 mil thick, BLUZEN latex gloves offer great tactile sensitivity while remaining extremely durable. This allows the user to perform delicate/precise and rigorous tasks without fear of punctures. The gloves are designed to fit tightly on your hands to increase comfort and ease of use.

VERSATILE USE - The strength and durability of these gloves make them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. This includes, but is not limited to, home care, general cleaning/janitorial, IT, food service, and beauty/salon.

GREAT RANGE OF GLOVES: BLUZEN latex gloves are packaged 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case. You can select the size of the gloves that best suit you. Gloves have a shelf life of 3 years under proper storage conditions.

Ambidextrous & Textured Fingers - BLUZEN Latex Gloves are designed to offer firm support and superior donning as a result of their elastic, textured surface. They are uniform in appearance in terms of size, shape and color and are of good quality. They are available in various sizes.


BLUZEN disposable gloves are made of strong natural latex and are powder-free. They are 6.3 mil thick, making them extremely durable and strong. The gloves also offer excellent donning due to textured fingers, as well as great comfort and fit due to their high levels of stretch. Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


You can use the gloves in a wide range of industries such as home care, general cleaning/janitorial, IT, food service, and beauty/salon applications.

Useful life:

Shelf life of 3 years with suitable strong conditions.


Off white

Allergy information:

Allergy-friendly and dust free.


100 gloves/b

BLUZEN Disposable Latex Gloves Premium Powder Free x100 pcs

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