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We’ve partnered with Japan’s number one unrivaled gel brand, Presto, to create the ultimate kit collaboration. 

In a brand new patent leather red case, this special kit includes a bottle of Presto’s exclusive Presto-X Apres All in One Extend Gel—a specially formulated gel that doesn’t require any pH Bonder or Primer. It’s as the name says, it’s all in one! This is the kit that makes easy flawless Gel-X extensions even easier. 

APRES Nail Presto Gel-X™ Kit for Nail Extensions

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • -10 g Presto-X Apres All in One Extend Gel
    -10 g Presto Top Gel
    -Apres X-Lite
    -180 grit nail file  
    -Apres red patent vegan leather case

  • The kit comes without a box of Gel-X™ tips.  can be added as a separate  item.

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